On Dangers of Standing Alone

We call on one another's accountability, often recognising the courage required to stand up for right despite challenges. Assuming a stakeholder or leader faces these alone miscasts notions of organisational dynamics and isolation. In some regards we are alone - understand it defies the definition of leadership.

Separating Actors and Actions in CTI

Using traditional intelligence models in private sector often doesn't account for the difference in audience and scope of responses available. By separating the focus between actors and actions, CTI practitioners can focus on delivering actionable intel to decision-makers thus also building the case for cyber as a value generating component of the P&L.

Cyber as part of P&L

Cyber is commonly seen by businesses as a cost center. Changes are afoot that suggest it is increasingly a revenue generator. There are great gains in client relationships to be made if organizations that are not vendors of these services think in a similar way about offering value from their cyber teams' work.