Money Laundering and Cyber Crime

Challenges to the blending of Cyber/Fraud/AML spaces in financial services gives cybercrime more room to maneuver. Criminals find monetisation advantages in victim organisational separations, with innovative solutions based on careful observation and rapid growth in operational maturity. This post uncovers difficulties financial services encounter in cybercrime-monetisation.

Cyber Crime’s Maturity

Cyber criminals' business models are evolving, often drawing on practices borrowed from the very businesses they attack. This should give hope to the victims of cyber crime because a more structured and formalised cyber crime marketplace is easier to scrutinise, realign, regulate, and possibly decimate, especially if state actors get involved in countering strategies.

On Challenging Rationality

Whether rational, rationalized, emotional, irrational, or intuitive, our behaviours are signals to others about where we are operating from. Taking time to clarify your understanding of your internal mechanisms at play will significantly improve your messaging to the external world. Messaging as revealed by your behaviours and decisions.