On Creating a Unified Sector – pt.1

Public sector concepts of how organisations help mitigate systemic risk - in this example, cyber defence for their sector - are difficult to convey. Since organisational interpretations of the concept vary, complementary implementation challenges abound; usually ending with highly glossed fanfare masking minimal results. Here is the first set of considerations for organisations to become part of the solution.

Operational Resilience and the First Rule

The First Rule and Past Tense are basic mental frameworks to help us understand life via two sides of the same coin - mortality. On the one hand is a biological imperative to perpetuate life as we know it. The other holds recognition of needs beyond the self, when we are taken out of the equation. Together these two offer useful perspective on decision-making. First Rule is the default consideration for operational resilience.

On Cypartan’s Dilemma

In our dynamic cyber threat landscape, info/ cybersec personnel engage everyday with enemies who seek to harm those we wish to protect. Few in number against staggering odds, outmanned and outgunned with limited resources, we must be right one-hundred percent of the time, whilst the enemy needs only to be right once. This is the Cypartan Dilemma.