On Preventative Operational Impact Metrics 2

The reason to develop operational metrics is to underpin resource allocation discussions. Preventative measures do not yet have solid metrics. We need to change our measures for meaningful conversations around resource allocation. This post introduces the Cost of Operational Impact Metrics (COIM).

On Living in Liminal Spaces

The term liminal space references thresholds or doorways we pass through – physically/mentally/virtually. Transitional and difficult to articulate, we constantly find ourselves passing through from what came before (pre-liminal) to where we find ourselves in our new state (post-liminal). This seeks to eff the ineffable.

On Preventative Operational Impact Metrics 1

The disconnect between cyber and business is nearly religious – articles of faith for seekers of proof. Whether at a systemic or at an organisational scale, there is much to cyber business metrics. This is first of several posts on the topic.

On Ripple Impact and Operational Resilience

In supply-chain and operational resilience discussions we focus on areas within our span of control, whilst ripple impacts are felt from further. How we understand effects and engage those in our ecosystem shapes response to things not in our control.


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