Crisis at Scale

We already have moved to an understanding of crisis being part of our BAU, much like the tide it ebbs and flows with regularity. Constant crisis creates new tolerance thresholds whilst shifting perception away from incidents being of note or cause for alarm. No sirens are sounded, as the chorus would be indistinguishable.

On Task Force Bounds

Reading the recent report from the Ransomware Task Force reminds us of the advantages and limitations task forces offer. In any cresting malicious cyber trend, the tide go out when the monetary spends exceed gains. Bounds imposed on task forces create challenges for lasting change.

Securing Third-Party App Risk and Controls

One of the most recognised risks is third party/ app supplier risks, as they provision the tools used to create your business’ client services. Here is how to create a simple path, limiting disruption from a cyber event.

Separating Actors and Actions in CTI

Using traditional intelligence models in private sector often doesn’t account for the difference in audience and scope of responses available. By separating the focus between actors and actions, CTI practitioners can focus on delivering actionable intel to decision-makers thus also building the case for cyber as a value generating component of the P&L.


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