Selling Cyber

Businesses that are not cyber vendors have an opportunity to sell cyber as part of their offering, taking advantage of money and effort already spent, and an opportunity to show greater understanding of their clients’ businesses in the digital space.

Pebble Risks

Every major crisis faced today is like an oncoming avalanche – but started as a pebble-sized risk overlooked. How pebble risks grow exponentially over time and how to effectively assess/preempt/mitigate are keys for effective operational resilience.

On Leadership, Glue, and Kintsugi

The role of glue is to mend or join two otherwise separate surfaces. The practice of kintsugi celebrates said joining. Here we look at individuals/ organisations/ leadership and the roles these concepts play in personal and professional dynamics.

Continual Growth

Positive or negative, growth is constant provided effort, time and opportunity. Interpreting what/ how/ why for individuals/ groups/ functions requires a gardener’s eye to flourish.


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Being Human

Where i write about the dangers of humans, their nature, and being one.

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