On Intel Trinity

There are three core questions underlying intelligence reports. Answering these questions creates concise, direct communication whilst retaining the relevance to the original observation and audience.

On Creating a Unified Sector – pt.1

Public sector concepts of how organisations help mitigate systemic risk – in this example, cyber defence for their sector – are difficult to convey. Since organisational interpretations of the concept vary, complementary implementation challenges abound; usually ending with highly glossed fanfare masking minimal results. Here is the first set of considerations for organisations to become part of the solution.

Changing Cyber Landscape – Blurring Criminal/Hacktivist Lines

Not only are cyber criminals becoming bolder in their power projection, they are also diversifying into non-monetary causes. Whilst only a pebble risk for now, the potential for criminal-turned-hacktivist lends a rather disturbing picture for anyone considering the threat.


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