Ransomware, Malpractice, and Impact Dynamics

The distortions created by cyber incidents and the challenge of handling cyber incidents are amplified with the introduction of liability. However, the imposition of death – an irreversible and undesirable impact – shows we need to sort it.

Uncovering Possible

This is the 52nd Tuesday post, closing in on a year of writing. Reflection is standard practice for such a marker, and the term is uncovery.

Why this term? So many bits of life are mislabelled; attributed to discovery as something new (or at least new to us). We often look to explore the edges of the map, thinking newness is found in the fog on the horizon.

Clausewitz was half right. We are often wrong.

Threat Versus Risk in Cyber

Looking at the distinctions between Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and cyber risk – both with similar elements with supportive properties, but often misunderstood. Offering definition to aid practitioners, auditors, regulators and boards.

Money Laundering and Cyber Crime

Challenges to the blending of Cyber/Fraud/AML spaces in financial services gives cybercrime more room to maneuver. Criminals find monetisation advantages in victim organisational separations, with innovative solutions based on careful observation and rapid growth in operational maturity. This post uncovers difficulties financial services encounter in cybercrime-monetisation.


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Being Human

Where i write about the dangers of humans, their nature, and being one.

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