A former State Trooper and military-intel campaign support for two combatant commands’ planning divisions, I’ve seen and operated fairly full spectrum for quite some time.

In cyber for over ten years, from back when it was still part of Information Operations. Cyber goes much further – much deeper – than we realised in IO, but some of the initial interpretations we found whilst sorting cyber through a messaging lens need re-examined.

Especially in finding useful response options.

The transition to private sector highlighted what I expected, or rather feared. There is a great deal to do, a lot of people to do it, but no one has taken up the banner to lead the charge. Most professionals in InfoSec spaces are treading water…

…six inches below surface.

Observations, concerns, best practices, are intended to push conversation.


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own, not those of any employers, clients, collaborators, colleagues, students, teachers – past or present or future.