Cyber Considerations for Assistive Technology

Organisational inclusion of individuals requiring assistive technology potentially incurs and assumes cyber risks for both parties. Care and consideration must be taken to protect the assistive technology user and the integrating organisation’s environment.

Cyber as part of P&L

Cyber is commonly seen by businesses as a cost center. Changes are afoot that suggest it is increasingly a revenue generator. There are great gains in client relationships to be made if organizations that are not vendors of these services think in a similar way about offering value from their cyber teams’ work.

Layering Knowns

A GIS-style layered approach gives control to correlating data sets. Building layers with questions and considerations aides in making certain the picture we see is accurate. Permissions and transparency are crucial aspects in determining who else has visibility, and helps shifting culture within an organisation. Layer the knowns and unknowns are identified, possibly reduced.


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