On Operation Medusa

Operation Medusa engaged nation-state activities with a law enforcement response. There are advantages and other considerations for further operations.

On Traversing Liminal Spaces in Emergency

Challenges found in traversing thresholds into new spaces are exponentially amplified when thresholds are crossed urgently in an emergency. Fortunately, we plan for emergencies. Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan. This post considers what we look for and find when crossing under duress.

On Preventative Operational Impact Metrics 3

Creating concrete baseline measurements with Cost of Operational Impact Metrics (COIM) is the start of effective resource allocation discussions. Effectively communicating what COIM measures follows close behind. The following are COIM framing considerations and further requirements.

On Preventative Operational Impact Metrics 2

The reason to develop operational metrics is to underpin resource allocation discussions. Preventative measures do not yet have solid metrics. We need to change our measures for meaningful conversations around resource allocation. This post introduces the Cost of Operational Impact Metrics (COIM).


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