Uncovering Possible

This is the 52nd Tuesday post, closing in on a year of writing. Reflection is standard practice for such a marker, and the term is uncovery. Why this term? So many bits of life are mislabelled; attributed to discovery as something new (or at least new to us). We often look to explore the edges of the map, thinking newness is found in the fog on the horizon. Clausewitz was half right. We are often wrong.

On Challenging Rationality

Whether rational, rationalized, emotional, irrational, or intuitive, our behaviours are signals to others about where we are operating from. Taking time to clarify your understanding of your internal mechanisms at play will significantly improve your messaging to the external world. Messaging as revealed by your behaviours and decisions.

Authenticity at Scale

Conversations on authenticity in professional environments are becoming more common, recognising a need to address inauthenticities in business. The challenge is the degree of misinterpretation fostered, as considering certain factors reveal consistency requiring adjustment depending on scale. The Dark Knight's Joker will help demonstrate.

On Leadership

BLUF - This is merely observation of leadership qualities I've seen exemplified. A true leader displays characteristics often overlooked (or paid lip service) by others. The purpose here is to capture some of what was learned, remembering what counts as we move forward. -scl