Narrative Void

If everything is messaging, limited narrative offers options - both from imaginative possibilities uncovered within the audience, and the sharp defensive counters to misinterpretation. When looking to control ther story told, there is value in deniability. -scl

SolarWinds of Change?

SolarWinds has been the talk of the cyber world for the last month, with many legitimate concerns taking a Zen role in security circles - very much looking at the present. As we move to 2021, and get closer to understanding what happened and its organisational impacts, it's time to look at other questions.

Bending and Breaking

Many small adjustments and oversights in process, risk controls equate to the bending of material to fit it to the desired space. Only when there has been too much strain, or too many bends, will the bent piece be broken. A break leads us to find a proper piece, or decide if something else would be more suitable.